3 Ways To be an Effective Animal Rights Advocate During Quarantine

1. DOCUMENTARIES - Your non-vegan friends are all looking for new content to watch! Suggest documentaries like Game ChangersForks Over KnivesWhat The HealthVegucated, Earthlings, and Cowspiracy .

2. ENGAGE - Civil one-on-one conversations are very effective. Post insightful material or just bring it up in conversation and always remember that facts are your friends. We are in a lockdown caused by meat eating so your non-vegan friends have the time and are more receptive to conversation right now. .

3. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS - Most small businesses didn’t receive any government assistance despite being heavily effected by the lockdown so your support is imperative for many of us to stay afloat during these difficult times. Your favorite restaurants and food trucks are often offering deals, pantry goods, frozen meals, toilet paper, etc so look them up, find out, and get it delivered! Just think of the companies , products, entrepreneurs, and non-profits that you really want to see make it through this and contribute if you have the means to do so. Every sale, donation, or even just sharing their content really helps right now!