3 Ways to Lose Leather From Your Wardrobe

Leather doesn’t seem to have the same negative stigma that fur does even though they are both animal skin, so it’s used much more often in the everyday wardrobe. .

Below are three items in the everyday wardrobe with some suggestions for vegan alternatives! 

1. SHOES - Even if you aren’t buying leather shoes, they’ll often be made with small pieces of leather or suede, and sadly use animal-glue. There are some great fully vegan shoe stores like Will's Vegan StoreHerbivore ClothingMoo ShoesVegetarian Shoes, and Good Guys Don't Wear Leather . I recommend those simply because I support supporting small business, especially fully vegan ones. You can also search “vegan” on places like ZapposMerrellDr. Martens, and Vivo Barefoot

2. BELTS - Will's Vegan StoreHerbivore ClothingMoo ShoesVegetarian Shoesand Good Guys Don't Wear Leather coming through again! They all make a wide variety of great quality vegan leather belts! .

3. JACKETS - Let’s focus simply on vegan leather because we can name a million places to buy denim. Thus far, the best quality vegan leather jackets I have found are from Straight to Hell Apparel . The material is thick and durable just like traditional leather. Vegan Club also offers very stylish vegan leather jackets with cool designs on the back! Big box stores like H&MZara, and Forever 21 offer great options for leather alternatives as well!