Where do vegans get their protein?

Where do vegans get their protein? It’s the question we probably get asked the most to the point of exhaustion. It’s strange how conditioned humanity is to believe that we can only obtain protein from animal products when some of the largest and strongest beasts on the planet are herbivores. 

Here are just SOME sources of vegan protein: almonds, broccoli, black beans, quinoa, brown rice, lentils, peas, spinach, peanuts, soy beans/edamame, kale, tofu, chickpeas, tempeh, seitan, hemp seeds, oats... the list goes on...

Need to see some case studies? Check out people like Nimai_DelgadoPatrik Baboumian, Om_TwiinsBianca Taylor, and Torre Washington.

Watch Game Changers if you want to dive deep into the science behind plant-based protein! 

Need some post-workout protein powder? Check out brands like Vega, Garden of Life, OWYNThe_Ambrosia_Collective, Plant Fusion, and Orgain .